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Grow Food Forever

Hydroponic Grow Tower

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”

– Ron Finley

The Grow Tower is a complete high-yield, low-maintenance Hydroponic Growing System able to perpetually produce your choice of up to 56 plants including Herbs, Vegetables, and selected Fruit in a single square meter throughout the year. The living water fountain is powered by a tiny low voltage water pump that feeds the roots directly with running water while the unit spins to allow sunlight/ grow lights to nourish every part of every plant.

The soil plug around the base of each plant helps to ensure that the roots stay moist and healthy during extended periods of loadshedding. To keep the water full of essential minerals and Bionutrients, simply add half a cap of liquid Bio-Fertiliser (Seagro) to the water once a month. No messy harvesting needed. Simply take what you need, when you need it.

Behold our clean, high-yield, low-maintenance Grow Tower that runs on water!

Welcome to Living Water Garden, a South African company on a daring mission to revolutionise agriculture and empower individuals to cultivate their own perpetual food-producing gardens.

Our Vision is simple yet transformative: we want to make practical home living water gardens the key to individual self-sustainability.

We have developed our own unique low-maintenance, high-yield hydroponic growing tower system for herbs and vegetables to ensure you have ForeverFood at home, always.

How do we plan to achieve this audacious goal?

By introducing an innovative range of affordable DIY living water garden systems engineered to perform as high-yield fresh produce generators.

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, developing sustainable, healthy, scalable, and budget-friendly solutions for fresh food production.

Our ambition goes beyond profitability…

We are constantly innovating and will develop innovative fresh food production products that are sustainable, healthy, scalable and affordable. Our business model is built around a socially responsible and sustainable approach that benefits both the environment and the community. Our aim is to become a leading player in South Africa’s DIY agriculture and food market, delivering exceptional quality and sustainable products to our valued consumers.

Our Top Priorities…

Self-Sustainability: We provide a comprehensive solution for home food growing, empowering individuals to become self-sufficient.

Affordability and Fun: We believe that cost-effective solutions can also be enjoyable. Our approach makes home food production accessible, exciting, and engaging.

Education for Empowerment: We are passionate about educating people on self-sustainability and will equip you with the skills to grow nutritious food.

Overcoming Limitations: Say goodbye to the constraints of soil, sunlight, and electricity.

Nutrient-Dense Delights: We’re committed to growing food that’s not only abundant but also packed with essential nutrients.

Cultivating Prosperity: We provide income opportunities through the sale of organic fresh produce, empowering individuals to prosper while contributing to a greener world.

Clean. Nutritious. Sustainable. Affordable!

As it says on the tin, Forever Food is sustenance that never runs out. Enter the Living Water Garden that never stops producing and offers owners a lucrative home business opportunity.

Verified Safe & Legit!